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Welcome Travellers,  Viewers and Surfers  from all over the world who are socially connected via internet. This page will help you as a "Tour Guide" when you travel to Burdeos, Quezon. It will give you some links and information about the Eco-Tourism of Burdeos, Quezon. Places that you must visit and explore, culture and tradition of the people living there, farming and agriculture, ways of living, peace and order, education, health and environmental infos and Burdeos municipalities whereabouts.

Burdeos is a fourth class municipality in the province of Quezon Philippines. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 26,760 people.

The municipality of Burdeos is geographically located in the coastal part of Polillo Island in the first Congressional District of the Province of Quezon, a town that is trapezoidal in shape, facing the vast Pacific Ocean with an area of approximately 20,948 hectares. Burdeos is composed of 14 barangays, three of which are island barangays, with 25 islands which are potential tourist spots. The territorial water of this municipality is a good fishing ground with abundant aquatic resources.

This website was made based on the foundation of "Bayanihan Spirit" a core essence of filipino culture. It is helping out one another as a community doing a task together voluntarily, thus lessening the workload and produced faster result.  The first leading citizens of Burdeos were three old man named: Valeriano Foliente, Severo Villaseñor and Alipio Azores, all known philanthropies of the place. These three did bayanihan together to the extent of giving away thier monies and properties like land for the success of their public projects and for the progress of their locality. In these days, bayanihan spirit are fading away, aside from the change of environment, there is also a change in peoples attitudes and disposition. It has become a selfish world. Burdeos is rich in natural resources, has a lot of tourist spots to promote Ecotourism, LGU Burdeos and the Burdeans are starting to cater the demands of Ecotourism world. I challenge everyone  whose hometown is in Burdeos Quezon, this is your chance to help our town to uplift its socio-economic status and promotes Ecotourism by sharing this website. Thank you to Ms. Caryl Dumas, Ms. Joyce  Caponpon and Mr. Antero Boniel III for sharing some LGU informations to be published in this website. Special thanks to ADO-OFW Bayanihan Club members who sponsored for the domain name www.burdeosquezon.info and webhosting site fees.